My wife is annoying.

Let me explain that a bit better – there are some characteristics of her personality that certain people with certain personalities would find annoying.

Case in point – when she gets an idea of something that she wants to do, that’s it – a lot of people get an idea, think to themselves ‘that would be cool’ and pop it in the ‘rainy day, probably never’ drawer in their minds, waiting there for the right combination of environment, time and effort to make itself available to execute the previously thought about idea. Claire will get an idea, and then suddenly – BAM – it has been executed and it’s being done. I mean, how annoying is that, right?

Case in point – AUT:CTION

Since Neds diagnosis, she’s been thinking about how to raise money for an Autism charity. Suddenly, the idea popped into her head to start an auction, with all profits going to the National Autistic Society.

It’s going well. Really well, in fact. If you want to be a part of it, check out her instagram. Follow her, bid on items, win beautiful things, raise money for charity, get that warm feeling in your stomach that only comes from either a really good casserole, or donating to a charity.

Go. Have a peek. Bid, or just donate something – anything. It all helps. It’s all good.

For a stream of just AUT:CTION posts, check here:


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