He Likes…

So, what does Ned enjoy?

The majority of ‘Normal’ toys don’t really have much appeal to Ned – he doesn’t participate in imagination play, so your usual action figures and the like don’t really work with him. Put frankly, he doesn’t give a crap about regular toys. The things that he has become seriously drawn to are brands  – mainly cleaning brands.

We have a box in our living room, full of Neds favourite things. Currently the inventory of said box is:

– Five different items from the ‘Nivea’ range – face cream, shower gel, moisturisers etc
– A bottle of ‘Herbal Essences’ Shampoo
– Two Boxes of Washing powder
– A bottle of ‘Suft’ Fabric softener
– A range of mixed travel minatures of various brand names and types
– Sheets cut out of magazines with various adverts such as ‘Dax’, ‘Loreal’ and ‘Colgate’

Neds favourite game is to tip this box out, sit in the middle and pick them up one by one, studying them  until he picks a favoured one which gets the (some might say unenviable) privilege of accompanying him of his travels around the house – until he gets bored and leaves it somewhere for his parent’s to find at a later date. Most of the products are empty, though it has become a standard action to hide things like Dettol and bleach when at home of visiting our parents.

Another, newer hobby, is looking at Car badges. He now identifies most brands with ease – his favourite being Citroen – in fact, when he sees a couple of Chevrons together he’ll look at me and say “Citroen” in a matter of fact kind of way.

He still loves books – he’ll sit with one and flick through happilly. He’ll even spout lines from some of his favourite books (Currently superworm) ‘Look, a Superworm Lasso!’ (Or ‘Wazoo’ as he manages) is the longest sentence we can get out of him, and to be honest, it’s not the most useful in most  situations.

He’s just noticed his shadow as well, meaning there’s lots of looking at the floor, or peeking behind curtains to see if it’s still there, and looking at us and saying “Shadow!”

So Basically, send us your plastic Recycling – we can keep our son busy for hours – more so if it’s night time and the lights are on. Failing that, a visit to a car dealership will be his Disneyland.


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