He’s developing well:

– Ned went to his first speech therapy session recently – he’s a bit behind on speaking, but these lessons seem to be great at moving him to where he should be. That, coupled with the fact the kid wont stop babbling, means he’s improving a lot. He said his first strung together words the other week – “Bye Toast” as he waved to his breakfast. I can’t imagine it’ll get you far in life, but hey, we all start somewhere.

– Speaking of breakfast, Neds appetite is swiftly spiraling out of control. He spent the day at my parents the other weekend. On my return to pick him up, one thing they mentioned is that ‘He’s eaten a lot’ translating to ‘Sweet Jesus, how can a small child hold that much and not break?’ He’s also eaten cucumber and a cherry tomato, and for a kid that eats any fruit he can get his chubby little hands on, but won’t even look at a salad item, that’s a big step forward.

– He really, REALLY likes the moon.

– He’s enjoying his pre-school Monday Morning – Claire watched him run around the playground with the other children the other day, completely absorbed in his own business and enjoying every second of it. He ate some play-doh there the other week.

– He says Robot like this: ‘Rowwwwww-bot’

– One of his new favourite toys of the moment is a small plastic jug. I don’t know why. None of us know why. I doubt even Ned knows why.

We managed to spend a couple of hours last saturday making cupcakes as a family. Claire enjoys baking, which is very helpful as I enjoy eating cake, as does Ned. (Ned has started asking for things – food, mainly. Claire asked Ned if he wanted a Banana, he replied with ‘Cake?’)

Anyway, we made cupcakes. They were all horrific. If I was in a horror film I’d be sending Ned to therapy immediately, and wouldn’t be climbing ladders if he was riding his trike nearby.


I mean, look at the above picture. Ned chose to do this.


May as well be visual extracts from a Lovecraft Novel.

So we made cupcakes, which were horrific. But they tasted fine, and once I pulled the inedible Chick from my sons mouth, he enjoyed the cakes too.


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