Short Update

Not much time to sit down and write this month, so apologies – actually, I’m not apologising for that – If anything, you should be looking at me with a mix of awe and respect for having such a busy and exciting social and professional life – and that it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact I’m playing on my PS4 every free minute I get.

Ned has been growing mentally and physically over the last few weeks, and I thought I’d break these developments down in a short bulleted list, because nothing says ‘very little time’ like a short bulleted list:

1: Neds eating eggs. In fact, to be fair, Neds eating everything he can get his hands on. I’ve touched on his appetite a few times, but his range of foods has increased to a level where he’ll at least TRY anything put in front of him. At my parents the other weekend, we gave him some poached egg. He avoided the yolk, but practically inhaled the white. Cue me and Claire giving him egg as much as possible. He now eats grapes, which is a refreshing, cheaper alternative to the strawberries he had become so linked with. He even tried radish, then set it back down on his plate and looked at me, waiting for the punchline, because daddy, this is obviously some sort of joke.

2: He will not stop climbing. He’s always enjoyed getting on the coffee table, or the sofa, but now it’s soared to worryingly dangerous feats of athletic prowess. On Sunday, I went to the kitchen to make his dinner, returned to find him upright on the dining room table, staring at the light on the ceiling, waving his arms. He’d used his trike saddle as a step to a dining room chair, which he then used to get to the table. It’s an issue.

3: He’s now officially going to a pre school. Two hours every Monday morning currently, and by how it’s gone so far, he’s enjoying it – to a point where he barely noticed Claire had left him there.

His independence is startling – now sleeping in his own bed, in his own room, going to school and now even eating eggs – will wonders never cease?


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