Pre School

First of all, here is a picture of Ned taken recently. He has a cold, and isn’t very happy about it. He was a bit sad, and wanted a cuddle to go to sleep to, which I happily provided an arm for. Look how little and beautiful he is.

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

Now, as of today, my son – my tiny baby son – had his SECOND tour of a potential pre school. This means that soon, he will be attending pre school, which means that soon, he will be off to university, well into his career that will go on to fund my soon to be permanent residency in a home. I am not overreacting, and to anyone who says I am – you are wrong, and will always be wrong until you agree with me.


Maybe I’m overreacting a little bit. In the grand scheme of the universe, Neds transition to adulthood and full time education is very soon, but on the more realistic family level, it’s a long way to go. It just doesn’t seem that long ago since Ned was a tiny fat lump of baby, incapable of even moving his weighty over-proportioned head without assistance. Now, I see him transporting his (admittedly still tiny and fat) mass around house BY HIMSELF via the gift of self propulsion (running) and he doesn’t even need our help to lift his head – he does that himself too! So, you can understand my perfectly reasonable terror at his level of independence, which means, I assume, he’ll have no need of his parents by the end of the month.

Claire has visited two so far – one she wasn’t too keen on for various reasons, and another she almost immediately fell in love with. She has one more visit later this week, and then we’ll pick one. Here is a picture of him at the second place, probably doing something grown up and independent and requires no one, especially parents, to help him with (note: he was sticking down paper)


Its amazing and scary at the same time, your kid growing up. These past few months have been both eye opening and eye watering at the same time, just seeing the way he’s starting to grow and develop his own personality. Ned constantly surprises and terrifies me in equal measure with the things he picks up – currently most developments go along the lines of:

‘WOW! look at this amazing thing he’s just done!’
‘But wait, is he supposed to be doing that already?’
‘No? oh brilliant, he’s advanced!’
‘But wait, is he too advanced?’
‘Will he be ok at school for being advanced/not advanced enough?’

And so on. It’s just a never ending cycle of worry that I try desperately to break from – Claire is far more level headed on these things (at least outwardly) and I find myself leaning on her a lot for reassurance, of which she provides in spades, wonderful woman that she is.

But one this IS for sure – my boy is growing up, and he’s not stopping anytime soon. The best bet seems to be to hold on for dear life and see where it’s going to take us, and try not to break down and openly weep about our baby becoming a boy too much.


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