Food Glorious Food

The other day, my son ate (in the following order):

Two slices of toast
An apple
Half a mango
A cheese sandwich
Some rasins
A yoghurt
An apple
A biscuit
A banana
Pasta bolognese
half a mango
A yoghurt
an apple

Needless to say, his appetite is quite a large one.

It’s been this way for a few months, actually, I guess it’s to do with him growing – that, and the addition of no longer breastfeeding means he is literally emptying the fridge at a frightening pace.

Most of the above food wasn’t in his daily meal plan – I didn’t set out to give him three apples. Ned likes to, all of a sudden, take me by the hand and lead me to the dinner table, where he’ll indicate he wants to go in his dinner seat. He will then sit patiently, waiting for something to push into his face hole. Generally I try to avoid giving him too much because part of me assumes it’s habit, or something to do that he likes, but when I sit him there and watch him completely destroy everything and anything put in front of him, I have to assume that, to some extent, he’s hungry.

He doesn’t really eat vegetables – sweetcorn is the only one he’ll go for, which is why it’s so great he eats so much fruit. We do hide mashed food in his dinners quite a bit – hence why he has bolognese and other pasta dishes a lot – yes, it feels good to constantly deceive a two year old when you see him shovelling a pasta dish loaded with blended carrots – he gets his five a day and doesn’t even realise! the mug.

But sweet lord, does he eat. As of last week, he’s started to use cutlery. A spoon, to be more precise. We’re starting off easy and getting him to eat yoghurt with it, which he’s brilliantly taken to. We’ve had no instances yet of him dunking a bowl on his head yet, but I’m looking forward to it.


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