Our Christmas 2


Happy New One, Merry Doo Dah etc.

What an interesting few weeks we’ve had as a family. Here’s the breakdown:

A few weeks ago, Ned and Claire came to the mutual decision to stop breastfeeding – Claire was no longer getting the beautiful touching mother/son moments due to her son rolling around  during the process, kicking and headbutting as a result, and Ned wasn’t really getting the  relaxation and warming embrace of sleep from it. Claire stopped feeding, and after one night  of half hearted pawing at her, he now sleeps without it fine. Not only that, but he’s  sleeping BETTER. Let me put this into perspective – if you’ve been reading my blog for a time, you’ll know that Ned hates sleeping – he regularly gets up at 2 – 3 hour intervals, needing to be fed back to sleep each time.

First night off boob? TEN HOURS UNBROKEN with ONE wake up that lasted TWO MINUTES. It’s pretty much been this way since. There’s been no issues, even with the cold (more on that later) and it’s been an absolute joy to deal with. I’m so proud of Claire for feeding him for two years, I honestly think it’s done Ned a world of good, and for the end of it to happen with very little problems is fantastic. Ned has had no ill effects or issues since stopping, and he’s not really asked for it since. It’s been amazing. The offset of this has been our son with the already monstrous appetite has now increased his food intake – the kid seems to exist only to chew and digest, and we have had to bear the brunt of his endless consuming (and the end result in the form of wind that has made us gag, and nappies that have cleared rooms)

Now Christmas. Ned, being Ned, and given our current track record with Christmas, decided to get himself a cold on the night before Christmas eve, which manifested itself into a full blown high temperatured, runny nosed, coughing and spluttering misery fest by Christmas eve night. We did the usual of popping over my parents in the morning, where he was, as usual, spoilt rotten, because that’s what Grandparents do.


He was trying to push through and keep upbeat about the whole ordeal, but you can tell he wasn’t best pleased with his situation, as evidenced here during the wonderful dinner served by Claires parents:


Sadly we had to leave For home early evening due to our poor little trooper having just about enough of being unwell (Calpol can only do so much I guess). Ned slept better than we thought, especially from someone who no longer had the power of the boobs to settle him down.

Boxing day was wonderful as well, we were co-hosting a family dinner at our house with Claires brother and wife, but the morning we were free for a festive winter walk. We played on the swings until we decided Ned should also have a go, which he also enjoyed. We walked home, confident that our 20 minutes of exercise had eliminated the months worth of eating almost exclusively cheeseboards. Ned was still unimpressed and full of cold, and took the opportunity to be carried around like a king, all the while holding a stick in one hand, and apparently keeping his nose in place with the other.


I love Christmas – always have. I still wake my brother up (who is ten years younger than me) with a text or phone call on Christmas day, I still get excited when we drag the forgotten decorations down from the loft and try desperately to make the house look ‘Christmassey, but still a bit classy’. Ned had an inkling something was going on this year, but couldn’t quite place his finger on it, which makes me even more excited for next year.

Hope you had a great season guys, lets see what 2014 brings shall we?

My wonderful wife, who takes all the beautiful pictures for my blog, has an instagram account. If you have the time, pop over and say hi to her. She’s very friendly and also occasionally polite: http://instagram.com/nedintheclouds



2 thoughts on “Our Christmas 2

    • It’s quite the feat 🙂 I’m so rested I just don’t know what to do with myself – We’re still waking up every few hours or so just to keep us on our toes.

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