‘Eeh’ ‘Fff’ ‘Guh’

Something truly amazing happened recently.

Claire was playing with Ned – blocks were the toy of choice I believe. Fairly standard so far, you’ll agree. 

What happened next was nothing short of amazing.

Claire, out of curiosity, picked up a Pink brick. Showing it to Ned, she said to him ‘What colour is this?’

‘Pink’ Said Ned.

Trying desperately not to explode, she pointed to another brick – a red one in fact – and said again ‘What colour is this?’

‘Wed’ Said Ned

She continued with the other blocks.

‘Blue’ Said Ned
‘Gween’ Said Ned
‘Urple’ Said Ned
‘Ylow’ Said Ned

And that was it. The entire spectrum of brick colours, done in a matter of seconds. Still trying not to explode with pride, a teary eyed Wife gestured to other coloured things, each with now predictable results.

‘Gwey’ Said Ned
‘Brown’ Said Ned
‘Black’ Said Ned

She sent me a video of her findings. I watched. After drying my eyes that, for some reason, were leaking tremendously, I eagerly counted down the hours, minutes and seconds that remained before I could embrace my son and force him into
labeling colours for me until he was too tired to do so.

That was Tuesday. What I forgot was that after Tuesday, there’s another one. In case you were wondering, it’s Wednesday.

Wednesday started much like Tuesday, except that the day was named differently. Claire took Ned downstairs and did the colours, which was now obviously old news. Being the quick thinking go getter she has proved herself to be time and time again, Claire decided to mix it up. Instead of colours, Claire brought out an alphabet book. Like most able minded people, she started at the beginning. Pointing at the letter ‘A’ she asked our son ‘Ned, what’s this?’

‘A’ Ned replied, phonetically and matter of factly, as if his mother was the dumbest person on the planet and needed help with her alphabet from a 1 year old.

She continued to point.


…and on, and on, until he reached ‘Zzz’ – My Son knew the alphabet.

Let me just put this into context for you. I have spoken many times before about his development – I make his progress a regular article, in fact. In terms of speech, we could count on our hands the number of words he knew – Tree, Ball, Dog – standard fayre really. He also knew 1 – 10, but this…this was like a door of verbal amazement had been opened in his little head, and suddenly he was ready to  really communicate with us. There’s no stopping him now – he’s learning a few new words every day (his most recent being ‘Cake’ – admittedly not too helpful in most situations)

He spells words out – He will see the word ‘Dog’ and spell it. He’s not currently recognising that the letters make the word ‘Dog’ yet, but he’s getting there. The one word he will spell then say is the word ‘Barry’ – yep, I have no clue either.

Ridiculousness aside, it’s truely amazing to watch – I can literally see him learning before my eyes. The physical developments such as crawling and walking  early were fantastic, but this just feels like a whole higher level. Hilariously, words cannot describe how proud I am of him right now, and I don’t think they ever will. I’ll just comfort myself in the fact that my son is bloody awesome, and I  never thought I’d say that about someone who gets utter joy from sticking a finger up each nose and running around the dinner table.


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