Last week was our first family holiday – spending a long weekend in Devon. The trip there – 2+ hours – horrified me, mainly because the furthest I’ve ever driven was Bristol  but more importantly I was concerned about our son spending so much time in the car, even with a break in the middle.

Ned pulled a blinder, however, and shocked us all by not only being well behaved the whole journey, but falling asleep for the last (most confusing) 20 minutes of the trip, allowing us to find the park, unpack and even sit down for ten whole minutes.

Our first stop once Ned was up was to take him to the beach, something that he’d never seen before. You could tell he was skeptical to begin with


But the confusion centered around the floor made of sand and the seemingly never ending Bath next door to it was quickly dispelled, and Ned sprinted up and down the beach, trying at every oppourtunity to run headlong with reckless abandon into the ocean. Ned (meaning ‘I’) even had a go at making sandcastles, something that he (meaning ‘me’) greatly enjoyed.


We then spent a day at the local animal park. buying food to feed the animals in the petting area, Claire bravely watched on from behind a gate while her husband got savaged and mugged by three goats, two chickens, a sheep and a doe. Ned, on the other hand, ran around the area, tensing because he literally couldn’t hold his excitement in at the sight of a chicken (which later pecked him on the leg – an action Ned was not a fan of)


Overall, it was a brilliant holiday, Swimming, food, the beach and my family meant it couldn’t get much better. To top it off, the journey home required no stopping whatsoever – Ned stayed awake and happy the entire 2+ hours journey. Here he is with Claire, happily sticking his finger up his nose. Because boys are disgusting little creatures.



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