When it comes to sleeping, Ned has a love hate relationship – love hate in that we love it, he hates it, and that’s pretty much the crux of the entire fiasco. He still wakes up during the night, he still wakes up with a right grump on in the afternoons, and he still refuses to sleep until every single ounce has been expelled from his body via running, chewing, running/chewing and being bossy.

However, when he does sleep, he tends to do it in fairly awkward situations, on in poses most would deem uncomfortable. After  digging up a few pictures as evidence, I’d like to share our experience with this common parenting visual.
1 – Sleep run/fallen from a great height


The most recent picture of him asleep. It looks like he’d been suplexed to sleep, and left there, in a lovely, sleepy, crumpled heap.
2 – Young master Longned is the longest 1 year old that exists


Not a photoshop. Seriously, look how long he is, cats, when held a certain way, reveal their true, unnatural length, I can’t stop thinking of this fact when I look at my son here.
3 – runrunrunandsleep


To prove my point about our sons penchant for literally only stopping when he’s run out of juice, here is visual evidence of this fact.
4 – Sofa, so good (that he’s asleep, as in ‘it’s so good that he’s asleep’ – it’s like so far so good but changed a bit to fit with the post…like…oh, forget it.)


I believe this was taken during a sleepy eyed escape attempt from the sofa, his remaining energy reserves not enough to escape the soft comfy leather of the sofa, leaving Ned to his dreamy fate.


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