We managed to go to Jamie Olivers Big Feastival for a day the other week. Music and Food – basically my idea of heaven. The venue was at Alex James’ farm in the cotswolds, which meant it was only an hour drive from our home. The niggling terror in the back of my mind of Ned losing his cool thanks to an extended driving trip were proved to be false, as he happily sat in the car the whole trip.


The feastival was excellent for a few reasons – the food there was all amazing. I literally thought I’d broken my insides through the amount I managed to inhale over the 7 hours we were there. Also, the atmosphere was fantastic – the weather held out for us, and just made the whole day truly beautiful. Most importantly, the feastival was really focused on families – what this meant was that a large portion of the festival area was utterly dedicated to making sure your kids didn’t drive you insane while you tried to eat as much cheese as humanly possible. Highlights of the kids area  included a fairground, a large tent full of activities including a milkable fake cow (no, really), a tent dedicated to blowing bubbles, and an animal petting tent, which Ned loved, though we had to make sure he didn’t go all ‘Mice and Men’ on any of them


Thankfully, Ned took an extended nap during the day, which enabled me and Claire to perform outrageously adult activities such as sitting down (!) having a rest (!!) and even drinking half a small plastic glass of wine (!!!) during our third round of eating bred covered in a range of toppings, Ned decided we’d had enough relaxing and awoke from his slumber, in his usual bad mood and in possession of the grumpiest face I’ve ever seen


Luckily, chips were at hand. Ned reluctantly managed to devour each and every one, then ran off to play on some Hay bales.


It was an amazing day. I got to eat my weight in cheese, the sun was out, and my family were happy (apart from the grumpy chip hour) To me, I’m taking
that as a win.


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