Thought I’d post an update detailing Neds progression as a Baby.

In fact, calling him a ‘Baby’ almost seems a little bit stupid now – he’s progressed so much in the past four months that I  guess he’s a toddler – or do they just become toddlers when they start toddling? that would mean he’s been a toddler since 10  months, which seems a bit unrealistic. Now you see the dilemma I’m in. For now, I’ll go with a cross between toddler and baby  – Boddley will do just fine this week until I check with Claire.

Ned knows some words in context now – by that I mean he’s not running around saying ‘hat’ when there’s no hat on his head, no hat’s in visual proximity, and the day has had nothing to do with hats. I mean he sees a hat and says hat – just like a normal  person would. Words with proven contextual success include:

Ball – Ball he’s known for months, I’ve talked about it before.

Chair – Chair is new as in the last week or so new. He says ‘Chair’ walks to the chair, and attempts to climb it. He’s too small to climb a chair, making the happy ending Ned is expecting from saying the word a bit empty. I’ve tried consoling him, but he won’t listen.

Tree – Again, an old one (as old as something can be when you’re 20 months old)

Fish – He still can’t quite get his tongue around the ‘F’ but he points at Fish and says ‘ish’ so I’m taking that one.

Clock – Still sounds like ‘Cock’ – which causes slight awkwardness in public – but he’s looking at a clock when he says it.

Wow – The context of saying ‘Wow’ being when he sees something new or is somewhere different. Sometimes the areas we visit don’t exactly justify the ‘Wow’ they get, like for example, the post office, but he’ll learn.

Pop – When bubbles pop. Now sounds like ‘pop’ instead of ‘pap’

The Numbers 1, 2, 3, 8, 9 and 10 – he knows and recognises all the numbers from 1 to 12, but only these ones are the guys he points to and says their names. I feel sorry for 4, 5, 6 and 7.

Up – When he puts his hands up in the air. He looks at you, demanding with his eye that you do the same. This is followed by…

Down – …When he drops his hands down again, making sure you do the same.

Bye – said, on occasion, when people leave and say bye to him.

Neds starting to move on to the alphabet. Apparently, kids learn phonics, so our days have been filled with our son sat on our lap while we make ridiculous sounds to him – and to anyone interested, him sounds like ‘huh, ee, mah’. He’s getting to a point  where if you ask him where a certain letter is, he’ll point to it on the alphabet (much like he did with numbers to begin with) so it’s going well, as long as his idiot Dad remembers to say ‘Wuh’ not ‘W’

Related to his alphabet, he recognises his name. He points to each letter, says ‘nnnn, eh, bee’ (I didn’t say it was perfect) and then runs his finger over the whole word, saying ‘Ned’ as he does so. It’s quite exciting for myself and Claire, mainly because he’s ignored us for 20 months when we call his name. Him doing this means he knows the word, and instead of having a hearing issue, it’s revealed to us that he’s just being bloody rude.

Something that has developed recently is he seems to be starting to walk on the sides of his feet – ever so slightly, and you can barely notice it, but it’s been spotted. It doesn’t affect his walking speed or balance, and the doctor said not to worry at the moment, so I’m reassured that he’s not going to start walking in circles just yet.

No post next week. I’m on holiday, and going to Jamie Olivers Big Feastival, where I will be eating as much middle class food as possible.


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