Horse Food

Apologies for the blog silence the last few weeks. It’s been busy.

A couple of weekends ago, due to the surprise of Claire having a day off, we decided to go Strawberry picking at a nearby ‘pick your own’. I have a lot of love for the place – I used to go there when I was a kid.

So, we took Ned. Who didn’t care. Not one bit. We tried letting him pick them, which he did half hearted, almost as if he was only doing it to make us happy. He wandered off, didn’t want to hold the basket containing the strawberries, and even wasn’t into breaking the law by eating a couple on the way. Disgusting behavior.

However, one thing myself and Claire DIDN’T know about the place, was that it had grown since we used to go. It now had a farm out the back, and it was brilliant.

First of all, Goats. We fed them long grass, which they practically inhaled. Ned also fed the Goats (though with VERY long grass, because of parental terror)


Passing a friendly Donkey (which we all gave a stroke because aww, Donkey) the only low point of the farm was that Ned strayed too close to the enclosure containing the pony, who began chewing Neds leg. Ned, reacting to this in the same way someone would if they’d discovered brown sauce on their jumper, was only inconvenienced by this.

All in all, it was a great day


This weekend, we’re off to see Horses, Hawks and sadly nothing else beginning with a ‘H’


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