No proper post this week, and I’ll tell you why.

Our house is an old one – I love it, but even I have to admit, when we moved in, it looked like the previous owners hadn’t decorated it since the 70s. This is fine – if you like thick textured wallpaper (we do not).

The biggest issue has been the kitchen – the walls were peeling, cupboard doors were falling off, extractor fans were deciding to no longer work. It came to a point where something had to be done.

So, as of Wednesday this week, we’ve been having a new one fitted. Claire, not being one to particularly enjoy her and Ned hanging around plaster, active drilling tools or exposed electrics, has decided to move out for the ten days we have booked the job for, taking Ned with her. They are currently at her parents, which is wonderfully accommodating of them, especially since they actually know what Ned is like as well.

As I’m seeing Ned less, I don’t have much to write about – I see him for dinner and bed time, and that’s it. I suppose I could make a post about his dinner times (he ate 5 meatballs as big as his fist yesterday) but I decided not to. Because I’m my own man and I can make decisions like this.

So apologies, no post this week, and perhaps no post next week, I’m not sure yet.

Here is a picture of Ned being confused because the Geese have decided to shun him.



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