How’s it going, did you miss me? oh.

Well, our holiday was busy, fun, action packed and most importantly, Grey. Grey, grey, grey. And rainy – the sort of rain that is just enough to scare you into indoor activities, pop those shorts back in the cupboard and dig up that umbrella to pop in the car, just in case.

Below is a break down of the 7 days we experienced together as a family on holiday.

The holiday was eased into by going Swimming. Ned spent most of the time on my back, using me as an overweight, buoyant human raft as he sailed me from one end of the pool to the other.


On suggestion from a friend, we went softplay. It was one we hadn’t been to before, but our cautious approach wasn’t needed, as Ned loved it as much as we did. Ned can now go down slides, but backwards. And on his stomach. He basically backs into the slide.


Wednesday we visited Malmesbury and walked around Abbey House gardens – we got married there, and it’s a truly beautiful place. We were worried Ned would go on a rampage, tearing up thousands of pounds worth of flowers and plants in his wake, but he was surprisingly well behaved during the whole trip.

Thursday was the main event, as we braved the hour long car trip to Bristol to visit the aquarium. It was amazing, Ned spent most of the time there trying to kiss the fish.


Friday we went to the softplay again, because I’m an adult, I sat back, letting Ned play.



The rest of the day was spent baking for the fete we were going to the next day. To be honest, it was nice to spend some time at home doing sod all.

In the morning, we drove to Marlborough, a small town that’s a short drive away from Swindon. I spent a lot of time there growing up as my Grandparents lived there, and I love the place. There’s usually a market on every Saturday, hence the trip. What usually isn’t there, however, is a constant torrential rain barrage that makes you feel like you’ve walked into a wall made entirely of water. After spending mere minutes there (and buying some Ham) we fled the waterlogged town of my childhood to find an area in the south west of England that was dry. We attended the fete we baked cakes for, which was great fun, then came home, taking a detour once to go and see Barbury Castle (it’s not a castle, it’s a fort) – which we didn’t make it to as you have to walk some of the way and we were cold and lazy.

Sunday was fairly empty – a trip to my parents cut short when Ned decided he was going to bookend the holiday by getting Conjunctivitis and make sure everyone around him knew this.

All in all, it was an amazing week with my family.


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