Return To Lechlade/Rounders Day

We had a pretty awesome weekend last week.

On Saturday, we visited Lechlade again, this time with my family – my Mum, Dad and Brother. It’s a rare occasion when we’re all assembled, so it was a surprise that we’d managed to pull it off.

Pictured here with my Dad, who has (annoyingly) consistently managed to look much cooler than his firstborn, Ned was in brilliant spirits the entire day.


There’s a huge amount of Swans and ducks in Lechlade, mainly because a river runs right next to it. We wasted what seemed like an eternity letting Ned tense and shake his hands with excitement while watching the birds do absolutely nothing at all except exist.

We stopped for lunch at a lovely pub next to the river, eating pub food (generally consisting of ‘INSERT MEAT HERE’ and chips) and watching canal boats pass by (they were all docked. There was no movement) Ned had Ham and chips, and would’ve eaten everyone else’s chips given half a chance (more than one occasion, Ned had to be stopped as he dragged my brothers plate towards his highchair)

There was an Italian food festival nearby, which we had a look around. I purchased some olives – They looked delicious – while my wife and mum attempted to visit every charity shop in their sight.

Before we went home, we caught a ride on a canal boat, which took us up and down. We were at the front of the boat, which meant we had the best view of the river and its inhabitants as we slowly trundled away. It was fantastic fun, and it’s quite curious how happy one completely full of glee boy can make everyone around him.


Sunday was Claire annual Rounders and picnic day with all of her old workmates from the bookshop she used to work at. I’ve always been greatly envious of the close knit group of friends, and the fact that, without fail for the years they’ve not worked together, they’ve all met up once a year in the same place, eaten too much picnic food and played rounders. We’ve never missed one, mainly because it’s my one time of the year I exercise, and I worry my figure will slip if I stop attending.

Ned, upon realising we were going to a beautiful park with lots of open space, fell asleep, and managed to stay asleep for around an hour and a half.


Which gave me and Claire a rare moment of relaxation around friends, which we used to maxumum effect by eating as much as we could while desperately socialising with everyone before the beast stirred from his slumber.

Upon waking up, Ned was, as usual, fairly grizzly for ten minutes or so, before realising where he was, which prompted him to run literally everywhere for the rest of the time we were there.


Rounders was fun, as always. I was a sweating, wheezing, tired mess. Once we’d started to play I was far worse, but the smiles plastered to everyone’s face hid the grim realisation we’d all have achy legs tomorrow morning.

Like I said. We had a pretty awesome weekend last week.

HEY YOU! A work mate is running a charity fete next Saturday (22nd, for those you need to know) The event is being held here. Pop it in your sat nav:

Barrett Way

It’s for a great cause, but more importantly, there will be cakes and a bouncy castle. Me and the family will be attending – mainly for the bouncy castle – so pop in. Find me. Lets have a chat, go on the bouncy castle together, eat a cake or three

ALSO! no blog post next week as I’m on holiday. Rest assured, I’ll have something to write about when I get back, so I’ll see you then.


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