Birthday Splashday Funday

Continuing our Summer of Sun, we celebrated Claire’s birthday last week by taking Ned to the local park, where they have recently installed a section covered in water jets. Ned was very cautious, which surprised me a little. I guess fear of the unknown water jets was enough for him to keep a safe distance.

Until Claire, drunk on birthday joy, ran him through one.


From then on, Ned was far less cautious about them, even touching them as they fired out water (from baby arms length)

We also had a picnic, which involved myself and Claire taking it in turns to eat, while the other one focused on bringing Ned back to the picnic from whatever short distance he’d run to (we haven’t learnt from Lechlade festival that Ned simply refuses to sit down in open spaces)

A short trip to an Icecream parlour later (I’ve called it this because I will never again get the chance to write the word ‘Parlour’ I imagine) and we were home, making a fort in the garden and watching Ned avoid it. He played in a paddling pool until we realised it was no longer as warm as it had been, berating ourselves for being terrible parents as Ned stood in the pool, Smiling and Shivering.

It was a brilliant day, which is something I’ve found myself saying a lot in recent weekends.



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