Fest Test

What a weekend.

We had the pleasure of a bank holiday on Monday. That, coupled with Claire having the weekend off, meant we had three days together – a very rare experience. To celebrate this, we went to the Lechlade festival – a local music festival based in, unsurprisingly, Lechlade.


It was a two day festival, but the close proximity to our hometown meant we could drive home quite easily, so we didn’t have to camp, which was nice.

The weather was also beautiful. As I write this, I’m looking outside and seeing the all too familiar grey cloud and constant rain we’ve experienced for the majority of Spring and Summer. There was rain the days before the festival, and there was rain the day after, but for Saturday and Sunday, it was the hottest I’d seen in months. I even broke out in a sweat – and I wasn’t even doing anything extremely physically straining, like for example, walking.

Ned loved it however. For a 1 year old who is fascinated with everything, from toilet paper to a bin, I can imagine that being faced with live music, hundreds of people, various activity and food tents and the occasional exposed power cable must have been paradise.


We spent the majority of the weekend chasing our son through the throngs of people watching music, bringing him back to our picnic blanketed area, then standing up immediately after to chase him again. It took fairly little to set Ned off on his (primarily sprint based) adventures – sometimes he’d spotted a dog, other times he’d seen a particularly green blade of grass, and other times he simply just wanted to run the hell out of his stocky little legs until he either ran into a solid object, or his parents managed to grab him and bring him back to the blanket.


For a child who is currently teething (revealed to us by his constant gnawing of everything
and anything he could get his hands on, including my Wife’s breasts) he was amazingly well
behaved and didn’t stop smiling, even keeping his it’s-to-protect-him-from-the-sun-but-
really-he’s-wearing-it-because-he-looks-cute-in-pictures straw hat, which he usually instantly removes as soon as he feels it on his head.


Neds highlights included a period of 15 minutes where he had complete reign over a bouncy castle, Dancing to a fantastic pirate themed band that came with their own cannon that fired glitter (which is a phrase I think you’d only see in relation to local music festivals) and managing to eat a sausage the length of his arm without breaking a sweat. We also brought a football that smelled of bubblegum, because that’s the sort of thing you do at a festival.

All in all, it was brilliant. We’re going to Jamie Olivers big feastival this year, just for
one day. It’s further than the Lechlade one, and bigger, so this festival was a bit of a test. I was initially worried he wouldn’t be able to cope, but now I see he’s a keen festival goer, like his mother, I’m quite excited to take him there. You should come too, it’ll be fun.


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