We are a co sleeping, attachment parenting type of team, me and my wife. I didn’t know what these words were until Claire told me, so I didn’t even realise parents could be pigeon holed into genres until recently. Knowing what we are, I’m happy with it.

For the majority of Neds career as a son, we’ve been running a deal – the deal being that he has a cot in our room, and he sleeps in it, but it he’s restless, Ned gets to sleep in our bed, where he can get fed by Claire every four hours or so, and stick his feet in my face, while we get to be uncomfortable. The deal hasn’t been the best we could’ve agreed upon in my opinion – I sometimes get the feeling Ned gets more out of it than we do, to be honest.


Still, all good things must come to an end – the ‘end’ being the fact that I managed to grump and sweat through the assembly and completion of his bed. We have begin to gradually ease him into bedroom sleeping, and his first attempt (his afternoon nap) went surprisingly well. We’re easing him into it, so his first night he was in his room for about 75% of the night, then he came back into ours when we woke up.



Obviously, Ned sensed that something was up – when he turned left, he didn’t headbutt his dad, and when he rolled right, he was no longer getting a facefull of breast. This annoyed him so much that he decided to selfishly get a cold, knowing that his parents, because he had been really poorly before, would panic as the slightest hint of a chesty cough and he would get his prime bedding arrangement until the cold subsided.

So all in all, the beginnings of success, marred only slightly by the hidden intellect of a child who nears his 18th month on this planet. I’m impressed.

As a side note, I’m currently listening to the latest solo album by Rich Collins, and I like it a lot. Only parents will get this paragraph, and I imagine that it’s not just my wife who will be embarassed by this.


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