We’re going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo

Claire had managed to get last Sunday off. That, coupled with the fact that I’d managed to get Monday off meant that we’d created a weekend. To celebrate this, we took ourselves to the Zoo, bringing Ned because that’s the right thing to do when you are a parent.

Things started off well. I was given an ice lolly. This bears no relation to the rest of the blog, but I think it’s important to note that I managed to have an ice lolly before 10am. In your face, system.


Going to the Zoo on a school day was a genius decision – it meant that, upon arriving, there were exactly 20 cars parked (including ours) and one coach of school children. We effectively had a lot of the Zoo to ourselves at times.

To be honest, many of the animals you’d consider exciting – lions, monkeys or reptiles, for example, weren’t moving (lazy) meaning Ned wasn’t interested. We did manage to get front row seating to watch the penguins. Here is Ned  eagerly watching, wondering what the hell a penguin actually is.


Like all days out, we stopped for some lunch, pausing between mouthfuls to comment on how expensive it was because that’s what you do on a day out.


We also watched the camels while Claire dry heaved at them from a distance. Good lord does she hate Camels.


Though Ned wasn’t too interested in most of the animals, he did take great interest in the Goats, who were calm and relaxed enough to allow him to get really close, even though Ned went a bit ‘Mice and Men’ on one (exceptionally) patient goat.


The highlight for us was the giraffes. The lack of people in the zoo meant we had the whole section to ourselves. There is a walkway that enables you to walk into their shelter and see them face to face when they’re in there. It was this feature that enables us to have a silent, beautiful 5 minutes – Me, Claire, Ned and Giraffe. It’s one of those moments that rarely happens, and is short, but you never forget. Ned pretty much lost his mind at this point.


As a side note, it is also our wedding anniversary today. I’d like to personally congratulate the both of us for getting to another year, and can only hope my beautiful, wonderful, vastly more intelligent than me wife is ok with me referring to our anniversary as a side note.


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