Speech Level Up

Couple of things my son has learnt:

A few new words: ‘Tree’ ‘Two’ and ‘Wow’ – the late yet welcome arrival of the Sun, coupled with the lack of wet grass has enabled us to take Ned outside more. Claire has been saying ‘Tree’ to him a lot – why, I don’t know. Maybe she likes trees, maybe she’s near trees a lot when they go. Regardless of the reason, repitition, the key learning method that should be applied when trying to teach any 1 year old who doesn’t care what you’re trying to do, has worked. Upon approaching a tree, Ned will inevitably, give it a hearty pat on the bark and remark ‘Tree’ to anyone within earshot whether they want to be stated the obvious or not.

‘Wow’ is something that was inadvertently drilled into him via repitition as well. In an attempt to keep him interested for more that 5 seconds in, well, anything, I started exclaiming how amazing it was by a loud intake of breath, followed by a ‘WOW!’ – this would keep Ned interested. The side effect of this is that now, when he sees something new, or something he likes (such as Bubbles) he will exclaim ‘WOW!’ while shaking his fists in excitement. Last weekend, we went to a park, where there were lots of trees. Ned loudly exclaimed ‘WOW! Tree!’ Which I’m noting down as his first sentence.

‘Two’ is a combination of him picking one number out of ten he finds amusing, and endless episodes of Numtums. Ned loves Numtums. He really does.

I’m not so fussed.


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