Summer Breeze

As most in the UK will agree with, Spring took a year off, leaving most of us with an extended Winter including highlights such as more snow than anyone wanted, more rain than anyone needed, and more parents despairing at being stuck indoors than anyone will care to remember.

Then, as of last week, things began to change, a sort of spring/summer amalgamation has begun to form (I will call it Sprummer). It’s sunny, but not THAT sunny. It’s warm, but not quite warm enough. But luckily, the weather has been at an acceptable enough level that we can finally plonk Ned outside.

Don’t get me wrong, Neds been out a lot – out for walks, out in the snow, out and about, out on the pull (last one is a lie) but Last week really was the first time he’s been ‘Out’ to properly play, and not had to wear a hat, jumper, coat and gloves.

It’s been brilliant. watching him potter about our garden is truly a joy to watch – he struts about, picks up mud, walks over flower beds and even falls into bushes – all the things you want a dangerously mobile boy to do. This weekend, Claire was working as usual, leaving me and him alone. We spent the majority of it in the garden, Ned spent a lot of the time picking up huge chunks of dry mud and delivering them to me, like dirty offerings to his Dad God. We even brought out the bubble machine, and if there’s one thing my son loves more than mud, it’s bubbles. Pop (Or ‘Pap’, as he pronounces) is one of the words Ned uses in correct association with an action, so we spent a long time ‘Papping’ bubbles together. We took a stroll to the shops, only pausing every 5 steps to pick up all and any Daisies that were growing in everyones front garden.

On Sunday, me and Ned went over my parents as usual, the addition of the lovely weather meant that we could not only go to a hardware store (which had an entire streets worth of outdoor playhouses, meaning Ned became the Mayor of babytown for a while) but we also could run around their back garden, which included activities including pushing Ned around at dangerously high speeds in a Wheelbarrow, watching my son throw leaves into the  pond, desperately pulling him away before he fell in the pond, and deftly removing all fist size rocks from his grasp every time he picked one up.

What I’m basically saying is the Sun is amazing, and as someone who hates being hot, and who prefers the snow, even I can sit back (Sweating profusely) while proudly watching my son trying to eat a rock as big as his head.

Summers arriving guys, rejoice.


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