Ned fashion

Ned is a lot better now -Thanks to all who sent messages.

Today, I will be showcasing a handful of pieces from the Ned Packer clothing collection, modeled by the man himself.


Here we see Ned modelling the new spring ‘Ballet Class’ range. Sporting borrowed leggings (gifted to him some weeks ago due to nappy leakage) combined with a baggy long sleeve band T-Shirt. Perfect for slouching about the house or perfecting those squat thrusts.


Pictured here in a more reflective pose, we see Ned attired in his ‘Ready for college’ look. This is a standard look across the Ned range – brown cords and something stripey. In fact, Neds entire wardrobe is 80% stripes. Good lord his mother loves stripes.


This is taken from the ‘All in one, all for fun’ range. Note the onesie coat offers extended protection from the dangers of after rain muddy grass, but sadly doesn’t extend the protection to the face, hence the David Bowie style of natural face paint seen in the image.


Here we see Ned showing off the ‘Just because it’s March doesn’t mean Christmas is over’ Bed time wear, posing casually while brushing his teeth – also proudly displaying his multitasking skills.


Proudly modelling his ‘Hiking is serious business’ range, We see Ned here bravely striding through the elements buffeting his thick coat and causing his bobble to wobble in the breeze. Note the bag nonchalantly slung over his shoulders, as if he doesn’t even know it’s there (he doesn’t)

And that’s it for this week – I now have a four day holiday. God bless Easter (at least I think it’s him we’re thanking)

Talk next week.


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