Car Seat


Car seats. I want to talk about car seats.

It had recently been discovered that Ned had finally outgrown his car seat – a rear facing ‘handle to carry them around in’ type of seat that has served us very well over the last 15 months. Neds head is about to become higher than the seats head guard, and his feet fold like an accordion when wedged into the car (though this isn’t a safety issue, more of a comfort one)

So, he’s big enough and old enough to tranfer safely into the world of front facing seats, something I’ve been looking forward to for months because frankly, the current arrangement is a damn nightmare.

To begin with, he hated going into the seat. He generally pulled the classic ‘I’m going to go completely rigid now’ defense when put in the seat, requiring a physical and mental battle to get him in it in the first place.

Second, he hated being in it while in the car. facing the back of a sat the whole journey while being a prisoner in what is effectively a glorified bucket didn’t seem to sit well with our son.

Thirdly, the only thing that kept him calm was if Claire sat in the back with him. Great solution…until she leaves the car, for example, when I drop her off at work. The combination of being left and being stuck in the ‘hell bucket’ while facing a seat was too much, and I can’t remember a time when I’ve brought him home from those car trips in a good mood.

So yes, away with you hell bucket. Begone from my beautiful Honda Jazz (with the boot space that only a parent or hitman would love) and hello front facing glory, and years of happy child face in my rear view mirror.

And you know what? for once, I was right:


He LOVES it. He kicks his legs, he smiles, he LAUGHS (!) in the seat. Look how fast his legs are kicking.

I’m not saying that people should rush out and strap their 5 month old in front facing car seats, but just remember that when you’re sat in that traffic jam with the unnatural high pitched rage filled scream of a baby being the only sound you hear, know that potentially, they’re just annoyed because they’re sick of seeing nothing but chair for the past 20 minutes, and that it’ll get better.


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