Important Developments

Just a couple of things to mention:

– Ned has taken it upon himself to start walking on tip toes. I don’t know why, Claire doesn’t know why. I doubt even Ned knows why. All I know is every now and then, Ned will lope around the corner, looking down at his feet, performing the most gracious waddle I’ve ever seen.

– Ned has started offering substitutes. Let me explain: When Ned grabs something that he’s not supposed to (Tax return, TV Remote, Wallet etc) he’s well trained enough that currently, a simple ‘Ned, can Daddy/Mummy have it?’ will make him return it to us with no problems. Recently, that has changed. Upon asking for the item back, Ned will, on his journey back to us, sometimes pick up something else he doesn’t mind parting with, and offer that instead of the item you’re after, kind of like a one years old version of negotiation (I want the wallet Daddy, but you can have this nice shiny Half eaten dried Apricot if you like)

– Perhaps in the wake of the news regarding meteors hitting the planet, Ned has decided the end of the world is nigh and is beginning to prepare by stockpiling items in his new playhouse. I’ve watched him – he takes the item to the house and drops in via the window. On closer inspection I have found a lunchbox, a bowl, a (sealed) pot of nail varnish and a handful of raisins in the house, to name but a few. Clearly, Ned is assuming that when the world ends, there will be a dangerous shortage of makeup, dried fruit and a method to store them in.

Just a couple of things, as I said at the start, but (and I’m sure you’ll agree) valuable and important developments.


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