Happy Is…

The other week, Claires Dad gave ned a large cardboard play house. Once assembled, it was big enough for Ned to walk into and explore. Out of curiosity, I popped my head through one of the windows, making my son laugh.

I did it again.

He laughed harder.

Discovering that Ned enjoyed this game, I played it fo a solid 15 minutes. Claire also joined in, poking her head through the other window. Eventually we had to stop – not because we were tired, or he wasn’t laughing any more – quite the opposite, in fact. No, we stopped because he was laughing so much he was beginning to retch – we had literally make him sick with happiness.

With that in mind, here is a list of things that currently makes my son happy:

Baby Jake – Baby Jake is weird. Baby Jake is sometimes unsettling. Baby Jake is a CBBC show that looks like it may as well be a Monty Python animation. Ned goes mental for it (except for any episodes the whale appears in, they still scare him) I don’t really know why Ned like it so much, but he grins from ear to ear when it’s on (which means we have stockpiles of the show recorded)

Chasing – Ned loves chasing me around the house. A popular method is to run into the dining room, let him get close, then run round the corner and jump out at him when he arrives. He laughs, I run into the dining room. Rinse, repeat. The only issue arrives when fat, sweating parent collapses on the floor after 30 minutes, only to be slapped on the back by a far more athletically capable 1 year old.

Three Of Us Together – If me and Claire are having a cuddle (and as anyone who knows me will tell you, I’m quite partial to a cuddle) and we’re spotted by Ned, he’ll sprint (stomp waddle) towards us, a smile plastered to that chubbly little face of his, and want in on it. We’ll pull him up to the sofa, where he’ll sit with us, having a cuddle. Ned’s version of a cuddle does involve slaps on the forehead, Raspberries being blown on stomachs and climbing on Daddy and Mummy, but damn it, I’m taking that as a cuddle.

Upside Down – Ned loves being upside down. If he could, I truely believe he’d be upside down all day. The first minutes of me getting home from work usually involve him getting put upside down by me. There are a few ways I put him upside down – over the shoulder, by the legs, by one leg – but he loves them all.

Clapping/Praise – Ned loves being praised. Any mention of the phrase ‘Good Boy!’ and clapping will send him into fits of joy. Sometimes when he accomplishes something, he’ll clap himself. Arrogant, but it’s how he’s been raised.

Books – There’s nothing more heart warming than sitting down to read a book/play xbox/eat only to suddenly see a copy pf ‘Room On The Broom’ dumped on your lap over whatever was previously there. Ned loves having stories read to him. His current favourite is a leaflet from the inside of an In The Night Garden DVD box.

There are other things – The Gruffalo Film, Swings, Steely Dan – but I could go on for ages.


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