Sled Ned

To celebrate the arrival and annoying persistence of the snow in our town last weekend, my dad, my mum, my brother and me decided to go out and play. We brought Ned along too, so it didn’t look wierd.

Generally, when a child is exposed to something they’ve never seen or experienced before, one of two initial reactions are expected – one of dislike, or one of like. What I discovered last Sunday was there is another reaction that no one tells you, and that is one of complete indifference.

Wrapping our little human up in a ridiculous amount of layers before exposing him to the harsh and deadly environment outside the front of my parents house (partly my fault, as I misheard the guidelines given to me by Claire, meaning My son was wearing a vest, two long sleeve shirts, a thin jumper, a thick jumper, a coat, a pair of tights, a pair of socks, trousers, gloves, a hat and a pair of wellies one size too big – Neds arms were immobile, and when placed on the floor, he stomped and roamed about like a full binbag with legs and arms shoved in the appropriate places)

We bravely stepped out with him, facing this new, white, exciting new frozen landscape – and were gifted with…exactly the same face he was sporting before we stepped outside. Placing him in the sled (sledge? Sleigh? I’m going for sled. Deal with it) and took him for a drag outside.

Note in the following picture a mask of absolute indifference – he may as well be looking at a wall.


Even going down a hill with his uncle recieved nothing. If anything, he was annoyed.


In my desperation to get a reaction, I accelerated too quickly, leading my mum to catch this heart warming moment of my son in mid collapse, keeping his ‘forced by multi layered clothing’ rigidity.


Finally, to try and get one single smile, we placed him on his back, dragging him at incredible (slightly faster that the crawl we were doing earlier) pace. Nope. Nothing.


Then the dog came outside and he was smiling. We were cold and tired.

All in all, it was a good day.



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