Our Christmas.

Christmas was an interesting one, to say the least.

On The day before Christmas eve (Christmas eve eve?) Claire woke me up with a startling discovery – Ned was covered in a red rash. Not only that, but she had the same rash on her body, though nowhere near as severe as our sons was.

Without hesitation, we drove up to the nearest walk in centre to get an accurate diagnosis. Two hours later we got a slot with the Nurse, who quickly diagnosed Ned as having an ‘end of virus’ Rash (Ned has been ill recently, so it made sense) as Claire had also been unwell recently, she diagnosed her with the same.

We returned home, slightly relieved, with a niggling thought in our minds that the nurse wasn’t entirely accurate.

The day progressed, and as it did, we realised that while Neds rash was clearing up just fine, Claires  wasn’t – her rash looking like she’d gone a few rounds with a man made entirely of stinging nettles.

So, as it got worse, this resulted in another trip to the walk in. A couple of hours later, Claire returned with some fairly terrible news.

She had Tonsillitis, and the rash was in fact an allergic reaction to Tonsillitis itself (as if Tonsillitis wasn’t annoying enough Claire had to go and be allergic to it). She was prescribed medication.

Christmas eve came about and we swiftly realised something – we were having Christmas at her parents, something we’d been looking forward to since it had been arranged.

The problem with this was that not only was Claires elderly Grandmother going to be there, but so was her brothers fairly pregnant wife – two people she didn’t fancy potentially giving tonsillitis to.

Our Christmas plans had been scrapped, and we had nothing at home for the festive season.

Knowing this, I hurried to our local shop, managing to get all food needed, including essentials such as Brandy Cream and Mint sauce. Yes readers, I had saved Christmas, like a younger, fatter Santa.

Come the evening of Christmas eve, the rashes had disappeared, only the Tonsillitis remained. It was a Christmas miracle.

Christmas went off without a hitch after this. Ned had too many presents and played with the wrapping paper, living to the stereotype perfectly. What could have been an awful Christmas turned out to be a fantastic one, and although it didn’t turn out the way it was planned, it was a beautiful day, and our son was fantastic throughout.

So, hope you had a nice ‘Xmas’ everyone, and I’ll wish you a happy New Year. Me and Claire will be spoiling ourselves by staying up till 10, and we may even watch a list program (!) or, if we’re feeling particularly crazy, we may have a Baileys (!!)

Have a good one guys, see you next year.


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