Develop-mental 3

As my son has now reached the grand old age of 1, I think it’s about time I checked up on his development according to the online chart. Based of previous posts about development, I’m expecting him to be roughly on track.


Mastered Skills

Imitates others’ activities
Ned waves when you wave back. He’ll also clap when you clap. I get the impression he’s only doing it to humour us, though.

Indicates wants with gestures
He’ll reach out to a book – his current favourite past time is hitting your legs with a book until you read it to him.
Emerging Skills

Takes a few steps
Ned has been walking since he just turned 11 months. Ned can also walk at speed. I say speed – it’s obviously relative. He exclusively walks now, which is fantastic apart from the fact his he’s just the right height to hit his head on an open fridge door. This, coupled with his skill at moving silently, can make the preparation of dinner a bit hazardous.

Says one word besides “mama” or “dada”
Currently, Neds repetoire of words includes:
Mum (Mum)
Mumumumumumum (Mum)
Gog (Dog)
Ball (Ball)
Garden (Garden. Yep, Garden. He says this when waking up, or when I take him downstairs)
Advanced Skills

Walks alone
I let him loose in the garden centre last weekend, just to see what he’d do. He pulled a handful of decorations off the tree and was trying to vault himself into the naitivity display by the time I got to him. He has mobility independence down.

Scribbles with a crayon
Ned doesn’t yet do this. we gave him crayons the other week to see what would happen. He chewed them, snapped one in half and generally wasn’t feeling artistic enough to draw anything.

In summary, Ned is generally advancing at a fairly impressive rate. This makes the fact that he STILL doesn’t sleep through the night and STILL hasn’t really embraced the way of the bottle a little bit easier to deal with.

Mind you, currently, I’d take him dropping a few words if it means my wife could have more than a three hour block of sleep. That little tyke.

NO BLOG NEXT WEEK!! omg etc – It’s Christmas week, and I will be eating far too much to type.

Have a great Christmas guys, speak soon.


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