First Birthday

My son was one last Sunday – I say ‘Was’ – he still is one, it’s just his actual birthday was sunday, therefore while he turned one, he still is one. What I’m basically trying to say is that my son is now one year old (and two days, technically)

To celebrate, we had a ‘gathering’ of family and close friends (“It’s not a party!” Claire would frequently tell me, bizarrely during moments like putting up the decorations, preparing the buffet food and organising the presents and goody bags – technically making this the worst non-party ever)

The decorations were fun. A ‘1’ was put up on the wall, made up of pictures of him.


Below you’ll see the 1 (again), his cake, reminding everyone how old he was, his shirt (Made by his mum) which again helped those confused attendees of the gathering the exact age of our son, and some tiny flags, which not only helped to decorate some of the food on the table, but acted as handy hints to everyone that yes, there was a first birthday today and yes, it was Neds.


Apart from sleeping through the first hour of the ‘gathering’ Ned had a brilliant time, shown here wearing his birthday shirt.


All his presents were brilliant. His new bag, for example, had the bizzare ability to make my wife cry whenever he wore it.


And a hand sewn Stickman doll, created my mum, not only potentially breaks numerous copyright laws, but looks amazing


It was a fantastic day. Ned was very happy through all of it, and wasn’t overwhelmed by the amount of people in his house. It made me a proud father sitting there, watching him toddle around and playing with everyone. The night ended with him asleep on my shoulder, watching imagination movers, which I love watching more than he does, to be honest.


Roll on next year kid.


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