Shoe people

With the awareness in our heads that our son is no longer a ‘Majority Crawler’ and is mostly walking, we decided to take the next step in his development (pun intended)

Last weekend, our son became the proud new owner of his first pair of real life shoes. Here they are, yellow laces and all. Wonderful.

The place we went to get him fitted was great – they provided a measuring, fitting and picture taking service, and once we had the shoes, it all came in a lovely little box containing shoes, picture and details. The whole experience would have been wonderful, something for the family album. Claire took her phone to take pictures and document the event.

Yes, It would have been wonderful. Would.

As I’ve said previously in older posts, my son is not an idiot, but I get the feeling that a lot of the time, he doesn’t understand why things have to change. I imagine some of his thoughts have been in the past:

– ‘But mummy, why can’t I sleep in your bed again? I hate that cot’
– ‘But mummy, I’m watching Imagination Movers, why do you have to take my nappy off?’
– ‘But mummy, I love standing up, why do I have to sit down in this bath?’

Now, my son is a good to middling type of walker. He can cross a fair distance unaided. He enjoys walking – but the problem is, he enjoys walking barefoot. He will instantly pull off socks when applied to his piggy little trotters. Imagine his surprise then, when not only has someone forced the hated socks on his feet, but they’ve now covered them in brown, clunky, leather prisons, rendering his usual walking apparatus unwieldy and hard to navigate the floor with.

Needless to say, he was unimpressed. As seen here, during our attempts to capture this magical moment.

After they had been fitted on, he wasn’t impressed, but was no longer angry. I assume that, given time, he will adapt to them and no longer prefer toddling barefoot. I hope it’s soon though, the image of Ned pulling his foot nearly over his head in an attempt to remove his footwear is not one I want to relate to his childhood, It’s like watching a fitness video.

A fitness video for angry 11 month olds that hate shoes.


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