Like a dog would.

Two things have happened in the past week that I feel I should bring to everyones attention.

The first is that my son has decided not to be lazy, and instead has increased his crawling to walking to ratio to about 50% – more often than not, he’ll actually choose to walk to a destination rather than crawl. While I personally feel as if he’s showing off, this marks an important level of development for our son, and probably means he’ll be almost exclusively walking by his birthday. At the rate he’s been developing at the moment, I half expect to come home to Ned smoking out of his bedroom window, while sporting a beard.

The second, and, dare I say it, far more exciting development, is my sons newfound realisation that he can hold things in his mouth while moving, this unique method of transportation is being used more and more, to the point I’ve been asking Claire to take a picture of it everytime it happens. I’m trying to come up with a word for it, and I’ve currently settled on ‘Mouthment’ – here are the most recent Mouthments, for your viewing pleasure.


He’s either got this from my parents dog, or he has, in his infinate wisdom, realised that freeing up his arms means he can use them for extra mobility when crawling, and extra balance when walking. At his best, I’ve seen him stand while carrying a toy dog in his mouth and two toy farm animals in his hands, like some chubby, wobbling, lifelike Noahs Ark.


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