Wedded Bliss

First, a little thank you to you (Not you, you) for deciding that you (and you know who you are) have decided to follow this blog. the number is small, but growing – the fact you have decided to follow this is a testament to what you will try in a moment of madness. Most would try something like soft drugs, or a sextape. But not you. Oh no, not you.

Now all that you-ing is done, let me tell you what we did this weekend.

On Saturday, we were proud guests to a Wedding, starring two of our friends, Matt and Shaun. Myself and Claire were both excited and terrified in equal measure. This would not only be the longest car drive we’ve done with our son, but would also be the latest he would be out since he arrived.

In case you didn’t know, I am a terrible driver. My navigational skills are awful (though they have gotten better slightly in recent trips due to me realising that following appropriate signs will lead you to your required destination).

Also, in case you didn’t know, my son is a terrible passenger. Inserting him into his car seat seems to activate a hidden aspect of his personality usually unseen – the fist clenching, angry screaming anarchist aspect, to be more precise. He HATES it.

Combining the two is usually a recepie for disaster, and should be made into some sort of hilarious road movie. Luckilly, save for ten minutes at the beginning, we arrived relatively unscathed to the venue.

My hot points of concern were:

– The ceremony itself (being the silence, and the fact our son needed to remain failry still during it)
– The Dinner (being the extended sitting in a high chair, and potential reluctance to eat anything)
– The speeches (being points similar to the points about the ceremony itself)

I was amazed to discover that not only did our son behave himself during the ceremony (apart from rubbing his ‘I’ve just eaten some baby crips’ hands on another attendee in front of us) but he sat and ate and ate and ate (oh jesus how he ate) during the dinner. In fact, I only took him for a walk during the speeches, and to be honest, he’d been quiet and so well behaved I didn’t mind at all.

We had a great time, and despite the fact he slept on me during the fireworks (which because of an asleep son I missed the entirety of) it was a brilliant day out with him, and a beautiful wedding in general.

To convey how much fun we had, here’s me pulling a face with him in mid sneeze.

A picture is worth a thousand words. This picture is worthless.


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