The latest skills to pay the bills

I thought this week, I’d give an update on my son, since so much important baby matters have developed, they need to be documented.

Teeth – My son is sadly no longer just has vampire teeth, meaning we will have to fork out extra money on Halloween costumes. The upside is, of course, that my son has three extra teeth. His two middle ones, and one at the bottom, on the front. This has given him an increased biting capacity, along with the ability to instill slight worry in his breastfeeding mother. He has a gap in between his front two teeth, which is worrying Claire to a degree, but I have reminded her that some of the most talented, attractive people on the planet have gaps in their teeth.

Speech – Ned has developed the limited yet amazing gift of speech, or more accurately, he can say some words, or more accurately, he can properly say a few words, or more accurately, he said Dada the other morning. It was amazing. The conversation went in a fairly straightforward manner:

Me: Ned, say DADA

Ned: dada.

Me: Dada!?

Ned: dada.

(cut to mother and father crying and hugging, while child, leaning on chair, looks on with confusion and concern)

Ned now has a sort of repitoire of sounds, including:

Dada – Me, obviously
Dadadadadada – Said to express general happy mood
Mumumumumum – Said when upset or tired (which Claire is, understandably, not best impressed with)
Gog – Dog
gall (sometimes ball) – Ball
bwab bwab bwab – General chatter, face looks like a fish gaping out of water during the conversation
glaguh glaguh glaguh – Also general chatter, unknown subject

Ball Play – No, I’m not referrring to bathtimes again. Rather, this is Ned rolling a ball around the house, sometimes to another human, other times to no one so he can chase it. This is brilliant to watch, and though sometimes he displays an unorthodox throwing style (pushing the ball against his head, then letting it roll down his face) it’s brilliant that he’s officially started ‘playing’

Another interesting development – he prefers to poo standing up. Not exactly a talent, but an honourable mention, in my eyes.


One thought on “The latest skills to pay the bills

  1. I think they say a gap in the teeth is a sign of intelligence (after all I had a gap until my braces shrunk it – my brain cells going with it). Plus, they are only his baby teeth – you have round two to go yet! x

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