I love books – I loved reading from a fairly early age, and devoured the books my dad owned with a hunger I now similarly display at dinner. Not with books, but with food. Because I like eating. I’m comparing the books to food. I hope I’m getting the point across here.

Likewise, my son loves books – he can’t read, nor I doubt he understands most of the words me or Claire say, but whenever we begin reading, he’ll sit and look at the book with great interest. He turns the pages himself – sometimes he turns too early, resulting in a book becoming more of a casual summary of the story, sometimes he turns back to a previous page, resulting in me really hammering home certain elements of the story.

Currently, the most popular in the house are all written by the brilliant Julia Donaldson. ‘Snail and the Whale’, ‘Stick Man’ and ‘Charlie Cooks Favourite’ book being the top three. Other honourable mentions are ‘A squash and a squeeze’ (Another Donaldson masterpiece) and the literally titled ‘The Runaway Dinner’ – which is one of the funniest books I’ve read in years.

We do voices – I say ‘We’ because I do voices, whereas all of Claires either sound Welsh, or sound like their mouths are full of clay. I always manage to have one character in the story who demonstrates the most annoying, condascending voice known to man. This is generally my least favourite character in the book. The Wise Old Man in ‘A Squash and a Squeeze’ has this voice, because I think he’s too smart for his own good (anyone who has read the book will agree, his smarm level breaks the limits and creates it’s own brand of smarm – I imagine it would be called ‘megasmarm’ – seriously! that guy could’ve literally said to that old woman ‘It’s big enough for you, chill out’ instead of making her learn a lession through farm animals – Hmm. I think I’ve gone off on a tangent here)

Touch and feel books are brilliant too. Ned loves anything with a shiny surface, or anything thats got ridges he can run his ham hands over, and these books inevitably have those in abundance. I personally like running my nail over a ridged section, perhaps he got it from me.

I cannot wait until he can actually read with us – the idea of the three of us, curled up with a ridiculously named book about an inanimate object with a personality appeals to me more that it legally should. Such is the life of the parent, I guess.


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