True Love

Below is a text conversation showing one of the many reasons I love my wife – her tolerance.

Claire: Just had a double rainbow moment

Kyle: All the way

Claire: Wasn’t a rainbow though. Another one of miss natures wonders x

Kyle: Fakebow?

Claire: ?

Claire: Ah, I see

Kyle: Well done booey x

Claire: What?

Kyle: Fakebow

Claire: Gods sake Kyle. Ruin my moment won’t you…

Kyle: Huh?

Claire: I saw something amazing. I’m trying to tell you about it. You’re being an idiot.

Kyle: …Fakebow?

Claire: You’re making me sad

Kyle: Don’t be a saddo – be a GLADDO, as in GLAD I’m around! See what I did? #genius

Claire: Kyle! stop it 😦

Kyle: Sorry

Claire: No you’re not. You still haven’t asked me what the thing was. You don’t care about me one bit.

Kyle: I don’t understand. I thought you saw a rainbow?

Claire: No. KYLE!! I said it wasn’t a rainbow…I’m not Gladdo at all.

Kyle: I literally could not be more confused.

Claire: I had a double rainbow moment IE: I saw something amazing. It wasn’t a rainbow though. Something else. In Nature. And now you will never know. NEVER

Kyle: So it wasn’t two rainbows? wow, this conversation took a wrong turn.

Claire: NO!!!


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