Develop-mental 2

A couple of months ago, I did a post regarding the current developmental status of my son. Using an online table I found. It highlighted that while he is advanced by a good few months in some areas, he’s a little slow in others. It also highlighted the sheer impossibility of building a developmental chart for all babies, since while one baby might be doing your tax returns by the time they’re 5 months old, another baby the same age will be more interested in trying to lick their nose.

But, I enjoyed it, and to be fair, my enjoyment takes priority over almost everything else, so I’m going back to the same chart to have a look and see how much of a genius my son is.

Ned is now 8 months old, therefore I have listed the mastered, emerging and advanced skills for two months worth of development, and how he’s doing with them. Here we go:

7 Months.


Sits without support – Yep, he’s got this down. Ned’s been doing this for quite some time now, and although he occasionally does what I’d call ‘ignorant sitting’ (where he’ll just sit on something with no regard as to what it is, if it’s there or even if he should be sat on it in the first place) – I’d say this is now mastered.

Drags objects toward himself – Ned will rather drag an object towards him instead of performing the extra couple of crawling motions. While most would see this as lazy, I tend to agree with them.


Lunges forward or starts crawling – Ned has crawling down great. He doesn’t move his legs as much as I think he should be, but his tummy is off the ground, and his speed could almost be registered in Miles Per Hour.

Jabbers or combines syllables – He jabbers a fair amount, a level that has increased since the months previous. As I’ve mentioned before, ‘Bwab bwab’ is his current sound of choice, and I have no idea what it means.

Starts to experience stranger anxiety – Ned has shown this, and it shocked us a bit when it first happened, on meeting a family friend he’d never met before, he just burst into tears. Awkward situation when all the friend wants to do is play with a baby, and the baby is far more interested in being literally terrified of them.


Waves goodbye – waving is a strange one. Ned does it, but he directs the wave at his own face, sometimes gently slapping himself round the eyes and cheek with his opening and closing hand.

Bangs objects together – He’ll often grab ball pool balls and knock them together, as if he was a member of stomp.

8 Months.


Says “mama” or “dada” to parents (isn’t specific) – The closest we’ve currently got to a word is ‘Gog’ which is a Nedism of ‘dog’, which is an animal. Ned loves dogs, and will say gog regardless of if there’s one in his line of vision or not. We’re holding onto gog as it looks like ‘dog’ will be his first words, not ‘daddy’ or ‘mummy’ which we’ve barraged him with for months.

Passes objects from hand to hand – he often does this with food, as if he’s checking it for faults before hitting himself in the face/mouth with it.


Stands while holding onto something – Ned is only truly happy when he’s pulled himself up to a standing position. This is not a joke. His level of joy in any particular room is relative to the amount of shin high ledges that are present.He’s been doing this for just over two months.

Crawls – Old news Grandpa, see month 7.

Points at objects – No pointing as yet, but he will follow my pointing finger to a place of interest if he’s not distracted. My son is almost always distracted.

Searches for hidden objects – If he can’t see it then immediately chew it, Ned is not interested. He did play a version of peek a boo with his grandad last weekend, however, so technically he was looking for something – that something being my dad.


Pulls self to standing, cruises – On saturday over my parents, in the first 5 minutes Ned crawled to the coffee table, pulled himself up, cruised around the whole table, then sat back down and chewed his fingers.

Picks things up with thumb-finger pincer grasp – Pincer grasp has been used, mainly during dinner times where his dinner consists of long, easier to grab edibles.

Indicates wants with gestures – Nothing of the sort yet really, though he has taken it upon himself to start pounding his fists against my wifes chest to be fed.
In conclusion, my son, according to the chart, is a swiftly developing genius, but his type of advanced development firmly places him within the ‘strong silent type’ category, which I assume means he will either be an Olympic athlete, or hired muscle in a gang. Either way, I’ll have something interesting to tell my friends when I’m old.


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