Day Out

I’d like to share with you a day out we had recently.

Claire works at weekends, which, by default, leaves me as the most responsible person for my sons prolonged existence on this planet for two whole days. Naturally one of those days is spent with my parents, as they don’t see him much through the week.

As fortune would have it, my dad needed to go to a garden centre to get a mower fixed (it’s a long story. No, actually, it’s not – he literally just took a mower in to get fixed) This garden centre in question has an aquarium, and a cafe. Watching fish and eating food is currently two of my sons favourite things, so I jumped at the chance to take him there.

Pictures were taken on my phone, so apologies for the quality.

To start, We hooked Ned up in my dad’s mode of transportation – A huge 4×4 more akin to a tank. The concern on my sons face is clearly showing, as he’d never been in a vehicle this big. However, an elevated seat, coupled with tinted windows made it an excellent way to get him about – he could see everything outside, and there was no UV rays giving him a weird baby tan.

Here is Ned, curiously watching my dad buy breakfast. Eager to get some food in him, he managed to put away A piece of toast, some egg, and a tiny piece of bacon (fat removed) he also stripped a slice of orange right off the rind, which shocked me into silence more than anything:

Here is Granny and Grampy watching Ned watching fish in a bowl and wondering why his Granny and Grampy were being crazy and watching him so much. The aquarium had loads of pushchair-high tanks, which was great for him, as he could see everything – including this guy:

Who, sweet Jesus, had actual teeth, like he’d mugged a pensioner for their dentures and was wearing them forever more, as a testament to how messed up fish are in the head.

The day was great – we got over two hours there. When you think about it, a garden centre like this must be mind blowing for a baby – lots of sights, fish, food, and so many bird baths you’d need acres of garden to hold them all.

After a short fight, Ned KO’ed by the time we got home. Flawless victory. Yes, that is a 2 foot tall wizard over my sons shoulder.


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