Things that have happened with my son recently.

– He has realised he can pull himself up in his cot. This is old news. What is fairly recent is he grabs on to the top of the cot, and shakes it, much like Ultimate Warrior used to do. Those who’ve missed the Ultimate Warrior reference, just imagine a crazed child shaking the bars of his cot while shouting at the top of his lungs.

– ‘Ballgrabgate’ continues, with increasing regularity – Ned will now instantly move to grab his privates as soon as they’re exposed, which now means that nappy changes have returned to a two person job when possible, with one person acting as the distractor/balls keeper away-er, and the other being wiper/putter on of nappy.

– The phrase ‘BRWAB BRWAB BRWAB BRWAB’ is my sons favourite sound – in fact, it is currently his only sound, hence its high usage. I don’t know what a Brwab is, and a google search returns very little.

– Laying down to play with my son now excites him greatly – this is because my head is perfect for pulling himself up to a standing position. What interests me with his standing is, once he’s done it, he just stands there until he falls over. There’s no sense of achievement in his face – it’s almost like he’s trying to be nonchalant about it.

– Eating now has a new twist – Neds new hobby is taking a bite, then dropping it off his highchair while looking at you. It’s as if he’s expressing his feelings on his latest meal in two very simple actions: Chew, bin. In terms of liked foods, We think he’s become sick of potato, but enjoys tuna (from a can, filling a pita bread) and apple seems to be a go to staple. Chicken is emerging as a new favourite also. My attempts to make him an omelette were met with disgust by Ned – he took one look at it, chewed it for a few seconds, then decided he’d rather not eat than consume the affront to breakfast I’d placed before him. It was the most perfect omelette I’d ever made. It was devastating.

– I was sent a text by my wife today – ‘I left Ned in the cot. When I turned round he was standing with his trousers off. I have no idea’ followed by another text later in the day – ‘Kyle, how did he get his trousers off?’. We literally have no idea how this has happens. Will monitor closely, though ‘Militant 7 month old nudist’ returns no search results on google.

– From the initial ‘concern’ my son used to show with bath times, he now loves and relishes every moment in there. This is probably due to the fact he has easy access to his privates, and can pull himself up to stand in the bath relatively easily. Taking him out of the bath makes him angry, and we’ve resorted to drying and dressing him next to the bath, because as soon as he’s out, he spends the next 15 minutes trying to get back in, which distracts him long enough to dry and change him, all while he’s stood up, because our son isn’t normal.


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