Toothy Grin

Our son has been, if I’m completely honest, fairly miserable these past couple of weeks. As a child that still doesn’t ‘sleep through’ we are used to him walking up twice a night. What we are NOT used to, however, is our son  waking up on the hour, every hour, culminating with him being wide awake at 3am, with a look that says ‘hey guys! lets go downstairs and play! come on! it’ll be great fun! guys? guys?’

Needless to say, we haven’t been best impressed.

Finally, after a week of wondering what the hell was going on, something happened. His cheeks went red.

Remembering the symptoms of teething from the earlier bad spell he had months ago, we bust out the bonjella, slathering it over his gums – but this time, it was different.

There, under our finger, was a tiny, sharp tooth. A day later, we discovered that not one, but TWO tiny sharp teeth were visible.

Generally, the first teeth to appear are the two front teeth on the top or the bottom of the mouth. Because our son is ‘different’ he has obviously decided to grow the (for lack of the correct dental term) vampire teeth first, which is great, because October is coming, we were at a loss for costume ideas for Halloween, and fake vampire teeth are ludicrously expensive for what they are.

Teeth isn’t the only development Ned has shown off this past fortnight, recently, he has taken it upon himself to just stand up. No prompting, no encouragement, just puts his hands on the Argos catalogue, and pushes himself up to a stand. I don’t think myself, my wife or my son are really prepared for that.

So, we now have to eternal worry of our son standing, then remembering he can’t balance, and my wife now has the very possible danger of breastfeeding a child with fangs. Eye watering, to say the least.


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