Son Update

An update on my sons progress at being a baby.

First up, This is my son happilly drinking from a glass:

He is 7 Months old, and shouldn’t be ok with doing this. This weekend, I will actively be trying to give him his milk via pint glass, or ideally, the largest glass possible. Because it will be hilarious.

Secondly, my son also tried egg for the first time:

Which is more impressive being as my wife detests them to a point that the smell of one makes her gag. She boiled, peeled and cut the thing, and served it to our little prince, who seemed to enjoy it fairly well.

Thirdly, my son is currently attempting to stand without any support. In a house covered in laminate flooring, I have tried to explain to him that A) If he falls, he could hurt himself and B) while he has the upper body strength to pull himself up and stay standing, his dainty little trotters are nowhere near ready to support his considerable upper body bulk. Sadly, upon explaining this to him, he just goes back to pulling himself up to a standing position on the nearest sofa, completely ignoring me.

He’s also a regular eater now, and consumes pretty much most of anything put in front of him (see egg paragraph earlier) the other day, he had potato with bolognese on it, he was a fan.


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