The trials and tribulations of introducing our son to the excitement of solid food hit a new direction this weekend.

Those that have been reading my blog know that my son took to solids early on quite well, but had gotten progressively lazy as the weeks went on to the point where he just wasn’t bothered, would rather just drop and stare at it on the floor, or hide it in one of the many folds on his body – For example, thinking he’d eaten a parsnip, only to find he was sat on it – an ‘Arsenip’, if you will. Taking the teachings of baby led weaning meant that not only was he doing nothing, but we couldn’t do anything either, a brutal and fairly boring stalemate. This changed as of last Saturday, and I’m going to tell you how.

My son, since birth, has been strong. The nurses said it as soon as he was born, doctors say it every check up, and I say it when he’s using my nipples for purchase to pull himself up to a standing position. What we assumed, by that reasoning, was that he’d be more of a physical child, relying on brawn over brains.

I’m not saying my son is stupid – far from it – I’m saying that my son is far too interested in pulling himself up, throwing things, climbing and chewing to waste time with trivial activities such as listening to a story, or building a tower, or keeping still.

So, with that in mind, imagine my shock when I realised that our son was displaying an animal cunning reserved more for the likes of criminal genius types:

‘Why feed myself, when I can get two idiots to do it for me?’

This was realised by us when, in an act of curiosity, we offered a spoon of food to him.

After his sixth spoon, we decided that our son was not only smart, but very capable of dealing with solid food.

So, our new regime is that for breakfast, we give him some toast and a slice of fruit, and it’s up to him to grab and eat himself. lunch is the same. For dinner, we will attempt to spoon feed him, just so he can definately get something in him. We alternate daily, but you get the general idea. So we are now officially trying ‘Ned Led’ weaning. Wish us luck, but if his nappy this morning (and my gagging) was anything to go by, I think we’ll be just fine.


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