We were recently invited to a birthday party – Logan – who is the son one one of my closest friends – turned the big 1, and had a superhero themed party to celebrate.

Ned went as spiderman – the picture doesn’t really do it justice, but he is wearing a short sleeve Spiderman onesie – he just happens to be wearing trousers over it. In costume terms, I guess he went as ‘Peter Parker once he’s spotted trouble, and was in the alleyway, halfway through changing. He wasn’t a brilliant Spiderman, sadly. He wore no mask throughout the party, and spent most of it chewing building blocks, which I think would’ve made Uncle Ben turn in his grave, to be perfectly honest.

Logan went – surprisingly – as Wolverine. He’s just started taking his first unaided steps, which doesn’t make him that useful as an X-Man, but luckilly he has a healing factor to balance that out.

Claire made Superhero cupcakes, which were great.

All in all, if was a lovely day – it was one of those where the weather actually worked with us to play nice while the party was going on, then pissed it down in the evening reminding us how great and fickle it was.


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