Child Exploitation – The Fun Kind!

I’m a strong believer of getting as much exploitative fun out your child as possible – Ned still wakes up 2 -3 times an evening, he requires feeding exery 2 hours. Going out is now a military operation, and if he decides he’s had enough, we have to go home. If he craps himself, we change him, if he’s sick down himself, we wipe it – so I feel no shame in positioning him so it looks like he’s riding the family dog like a horse for my own amusement.

With that in mind, here are a few of my faveourite exploitative pictures of my son from the first six months of his highly demanding life.

1 – The ‘Prince On His Throne’ Shot

We attended a Jubilee party that day, and he’d been fairly grumpy, as you’d expect when you’re attending a party and don’t want him to be grumpy. All the kids had crowns made for them, and Ned was no exception. This image, with his crown resting atop his frowning brow captures the true essence of the day.

2 – The ‘Classic Nobility’ Shot

Literally one of the first images I thought of when he arrived – I’d wanted to do this for a long time, and managed to get him in a nonchalant enough mood to put up with the photo being taken. I was aiming for a noble, heir to the family fortune style picture, but the effect is dampened by the fact Ned is wearing a
onesie with cars on, and my gut is busting out of my stylish indie denim shirt.

3 – The ‘One Son One Pot’ Shot

This was sent to me by my wife while I was at work, with no text to explain how or why it had been taken. On reflection, I don’t think words do it justice.

In conclusion, as long as you’re not putting them in any real peril, I think you should squeeze as much fun out of your child as possible, even if you’re the one having the fun, and your son or daughter is just wondering what the hell is going on.


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