My wife asked me to describe our son in one word.

I used ‘Different’

I think it’s a parent’s right to think that their dribbling alarm clock is the most beautiful one on the planet. It’s also your right to think that whatever they do is completely unique to any other baby. Currently we are in this zone of parenting.

Our child sleeps every 2 hours or so – I believe this is because our son simply does not stop moving. The only time he stops moving is when he’s asleep, and recently, he’s been moving during that, too. Movement mainly consists of him throwing his legs about in an uncontrolled and uncoordinated fashion. Usually if I’m in a different room, and he’s laying down being changed, I can hear the thudding of his chunky little legs, bashing away on the floor.

When we take him to weigh ins, we lay him on the mat to undress him, flanked by still, calm (sometimes sleeping) other babies of similar age, Ned seems to see this as an opening to flail every external limb at his disposal, in order to stick out from the crowd. Maybe he’s secretly eating haribo at night, hence the non stop high energy movement, or maybe he’s worried we’d forget him, so his constant movement serves as a reminder that yes, we’re parents, and yes, he knows who we are.


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