In the past two weeks, my son has developed quite a bit – the main three points being his sitting (which I wrote about last week, so I won’t write again) his Rolling, and more impressively, his dangerously increasing mobility in his walker/mobile command center.

His ability to roll over I think stemmed from him performing this athletic marvel by accident – he discovered that he had feet, and that, with effort, he could put them in his mouth. Once foot was in said mouth, Ned had obtained the shape of a bowl, which created rocking. The rocking in turn created rolling – lo and behold, my son could roll over. Unfortunately, he hates being on his stomach – I am of the firm belief that he will develop walking as an ability on his baby CV, and will skip the more robust art of crawling because of this. Also, when Ned is on his stomach, he will struggle for a few seconds, then give up – he signifies his giving up by spreading his arms and legs out and planting his face down on the floor, like a big, whinging starfish.

The more impressive development in my opinion, is his movement in his walker. I posted a while ago about his walker, and that he couldn’t really move in it, requiring me to drag him about until he fell asleep.

In recent weeks, he has progressed into full blown movement in it. If of course, by ‘full blown’ you mean ‘curiously odd yet fascinating’ and by ‘movement’ you mean ‘high speed shuffling’

Now – sit on a dining room chair, a good four or five feet from the table. Done? now without standing, get yourself, with bum on seat, to the dining room table? good. Well done. This is basically how my son gets around. Also, congratulations for acting like a prat in an attempt to pretend to be a 5 month old baby.

He now spends the majority of his time in the walker with his arms outstretched, propelling himself through the art of shuffling his bulk in a way that moves the walker along at an incredibly decieving speed – he can cross the living room in 6 seconds, which was yesterdays record.

Turning is something of an enigma to him, however. While I believe he understands the concept of it, I think he’d much rather be turned in a different direction by a responsible adult for now. Not turning him results in Ned stubbornly propelling himself constantly into the wall until moved.


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