Stick it up your Bumbo

The Bumbo, apart from having a ridiculous name, is a sort of bucket/seat that you can trap the product of you and your partners loins, in order to let them experience the thrill of sitting, and provide you with a method of keeping them satisfied in one place for longer than 5 minutes.

On multiple raving online reviews, we decided to get one. After nearly choking on the price – for what is essentially a moulded rubber bucket – we proudly presented it to Ned, who was shockingly less impressed than we hoped. We dismissed his lack of interest on the account he is a baby, and popped him in it.

After the fussing and multiple instances of ‘surfboarding’ (where the child goes rigid and straight, like a surfboard. See?) we were beginning to wonder if it was a good purchase.

That is, until dinner time.

Until the arrival of the Bumbo, Ned would sit on our lap as we’d attempt to eat one handed, while at the same time pulling him away from our plates when he lunges at it, arms outstretched. We decided to try and put Ned in the bumbo on the dining room table, at an angle so he was within our arms reach, but out of his arms reach. This enabled him to watch us eat (something he absolutely loves) while we could have dinner two handed, and still use one of those hands to catch him if Ned suddenly and unextectedly learns how to stand up and walk off.

The only downside? Ned has currently got a 100% record on pooing in the damn thing – literally every dinner time we sit him down in it, he’ll fire one out – and because he’s in a seat, the offending bowel movement flies out of his nappy, up his back, and through any and all clothes he’s wearing.

Never mind. Every cloud, and all that.


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