I like this, Dad.

Here are a couple of things that my son has decided he currently likes.

– Standing
Myself and Claire are of the opinion that our son doesn’t know how old he is. This might sound obvious to you, and it is – of course he doesn’t know how old he is, he’s 5 months. That’s not exactly what I mean though. I get the impression Ned has become bored of the day to day bore that he associates with his usual viewpoint, laying down. We already know he hates being on his tummy, as I’ve mentioned before. When he stands, preferably with something to lean on, like his walker, or a sofa, he looks around, eager to bathe in the admiration of onlookers – ‘Look! Look! at me! I’m STANDING! do you have any idea how crazy this is!?’ is what I imagine he’s trying to say, but it usually comes out as a series of squeals. Like say, a piglet.

– Feet watching
I hate feet. If I had it my way and could force evolution, I would have hands there instead. My son, on the other hand, finds them fascinating. The television is on. He is sat on a lap. He has two toys being waved in his face frantically. Yet for some reason, he can spot a big toe out of the corner of his eye, and that is what he’s going to watch for the next 30 minutes. Get both feet sockless and moving, and you have a way to keep Ned happy for potentially an infinate amount of time. To me, I think it’s bloody weird.

– Toys
Apart from the Lamaze toys, Ned absolutely adores a cuddly dog. I say dog, it sort of has the proportions of your standard Teddy Bear, but with the head of a dog. It’s patchwork design and bright colours make it seem like a horrific frankensteins monster, with a fixed smile that says ‘sleep lightly’ Obviously, Ned loved it the moment he set eyes on it. In fact, it was the first toy to make him laugh. It makes various sounds and lights up too, but I think Ned mainly likes the permanently fixed open mouthed smile. To be honest, it’s not that terrifying – it just looks like it’s had a hard life.


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