Sleeping Arrangements

A picture Claire took in the very early hours of the morning, hence the awful quality:

Those with a trained eagle eye will make out three things. One, that my son is fast asleep. Obvious, yes, but something you may notice, so gold star if you got that one.

Two, my son is wearing what I affectionately call a ‘bed dress’ – some may call it a ‘gro-bag’ but I say what I see, and it’s a dress you go to bed in. My son is wearing a dress, and he is in a bed, therefore, bed dress. One thing to mention is that, without fail, in the two months we’ve been using it, he has never been happy putting it on.

Three, my son is laying at the most ridiculous angle possible. He has managed to move 45 degrees, and he has compounded that angle my moving his legs another 45 degrees. This ‘double angled sleeping’ is new – in fact, this picture is the first time he’s done it. Claire moved him back to a regular length-ways after the image was taken, and later in the morning, we found him at 90 degrees, compressed like a moaning, bed dress wearing accordion. Hey buddy, you got yourself there, don’t look at me like that.


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