I’d like to discuss some awesome toys Ned (we) have been collecting – Mainly under the facade that we think that they are great for a developing baby, but we both know secretly it’s because we love them.

We recieved our first Lamaze toy from some close friends for Claires baby shower – his name is Bill D. Beaver

See what they did there?

In my limited and generally invalid opinion, He’s an amazing toy – Instead of adding things such as buttons and obvious spinny bits, it seems like they created the toy, then added the functionality around that. I Love Bill D. Beaver. His tail crinkles, his legs rattle, and his tummy – which we only found out LAST WEEK – Squeaks.

Ned enjoyed Bills company, and he enjoys the mirror on his tail, which enables him to stare at himself, something he’s worryingly enjoying more and more each day.

Spurred on by the success of Bill, we’ve purchased more Lamaze toys. an early purchase was a soft book containing brightly coloured animals such as an owl, badger and deer. they all have shapes that correspond to each animal, which pop out of the book to be put back in again – in a repetitive, noisy task that only a baby can find exciting.

Neds favourite of the Lamaze clan has to be Rusty, a robot an old friend of Claires bought form him on a recent visit. Say hello, Rusty:

Rusty has a spinning, exorcist like head, a mirror on his chest (Perfect for my recently vain son) and all sorts of danglies in the form of extremities such as his crinkly legs and rattly arms.

As a side note – that ‘crinkly’ material? never seen it anywhere other than Children’s toys. Any other use for it?

In all honesty, Ned loves the Lamaze set – I think the bright colours are brilliant to catch his attention, and her certainly plays with them more than his other things.

Apart from his favourite toy, which is a blue Hankerchief.

Never mind, can’t win them all.


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